HCG – does it really recalibrate your metabolism?

Admittedly – I don’t completely understand all the claims the HCG program makes. What I am told, if I’m understanding this correctly, is that it’s supposed to recalibrate your hypothalamus and help your metabolism. I’m really curious if this is true – cause in my mind, this just doesn’t add up. I’ve been assessing metabolism for 4 years. I’ve assessed 3 people’s metabolism that’s used HCG. Two of the three came back with RMR’s that are quite low – very, very low. However, I also believe outside their HCG use, they were typically in starvation mode on a day to day basis which would also result in a low RMR reading. One person – I need to review their assessment – but from what I recall, there wasn’t much change. However, the second assessment we did, the person wasn’t as “rested” as they were the first time around, so it’s hard to say.

So, I will be assessing another person next week that has been using HCG. From their description of experience, it sounds like their trainer unknowingly had them in starvation mode – not sure of the length of time there, but prior to that – sounds like they were fine, no starving. I’ve done 2 composition analysis on them, while on HCG about a week and a half apart and there was no loss of skeletal muscle mass – which TRULY surprised me!! I’m extremely curious to see the results of their metabolic assessment!!!!

Stay tuned!!

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Fit By Design Halloween Poem by: Connie Bean


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I’m not impressed when someone tells me they lost 20 lbs!

WHO CARES!!!  Lol – okay, really though, for my clients that know me – you know I’m a softie with a big heart and will congratulate anyone that is sharing with me, their current weight loss success.  But – I’m sure you also know exactly what is going on in my mind!!  I want to know if that 20 lbs that just came off is water, muscle or fat!!  If it was just a bunch of water and muscle – I’m not impressed and would likely want to sit down and have a friendly discussion and share with you how to take the next 20 lbs off – but making sure it’s all fat this time!

This is why I love the InBody 230!  About a year ago – I switched my method of analyzing my clients body composition.  I used to use calipers – which would give me their fat mass and lean body mass but we were missing the water component.  Continue reading

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A Low Resting Metabolic Rate For Such A Big Man!

A couple of years ago, I ran a metabolic assessment on my dad.  He thought it was all interesting information, but he had never really used it to make any progress with his health.  However, he did start eating better – in that he wasn’t skipping breakfast anymore and that was progress.

My Dad

My dad is 6’1″, 232 lbs.  If I were to “guess” at what his RMR (resting metabolic rate) was, I would have guessed around 1600 – 1800 range.  When we did the gas exchange metabolic assessment on him – I was quite surprised to learn that this big man in front of me, had an RMR of 1198!!  That was quite low for a big man!   My RMR at the time was close to 1400!  So me, his daughter that was half his weight and 7 inches smaller, could eat him under the table any day!

Continue reading

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Humbling Transitions

Wow –

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted anything.  This past month my life has been turned upside down and inside out and I feel like I’m just barely able to take a breath!  I wanted to share one of my most recent experiences, just to get it out I guess.  Recently, I was faced with the very sad reality that it was time to shut the studio doors.  This has been very difficult for many reasons.  For 6 years I’ve been  blessed to have my own fitness studio and have trained many friends over this time period.  I know I have been very fortunate to keep those doors open, despite all the life challenges of getting married, blending families and a bad economy, that I faced simultaneously.  The majority of the time, I was hanging in there by my fingernails – but hanging in there, nonetheless.   When you put so many years of love, hard work, dedication, time, sweat and tears to build something you are hoping will one day become the next greatest health and fitness center – you can’t help but be seriously attached and love what you have created with all your heart.  It truly becomes a part of you.

For several reasons, I came to the harsh reality and conclusion, that it was necessary for me to close my doors – what I did not expect, were the feelings that accompanied it.  I knew I’d be sad – I cried for a week!  I knew I’d feel some financial relief (for a time anyway) – but I did not realize and was not prepared for feeling like such a failure!!!  Talk about humbling!  Let me tell you – it REALLY got me to evaluate my level of “pride.”  It was tough.

Looking back – I know I’m not a failure, consciously I can say – “I’m not a failure” but man, closing those doors – I felt like one.  So – like I always do with everything else in life, I look at my situation and just continue to move forward with determination.  What I lack in business sense, I make up for in resilience, that is for sure!  Reviewing the last 6 years and what has taken place with my former husband, my teenage kids, my marriage, blending of the families and then finally the downturn of the economy – it’s amazing I’m as sane as I am, that I haven’t been committed to the funny farm!  And THAT, my friend, is SUCCESS!!!!

I will keep that in mind as I move forward with new direction.  I am now training in my clients homes as well as out of Studio Nine in Woodinville (great group of people down there).

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update on earlier blog

update…after blogging I wanted to watch a British tv show that I’m hooked on. its on You tube . Carrie has been talking about making things interesting and fun. So I logged, like I said I would, dumped the oreos and then decided to watch the show but knowing I still needed to exercise, decided that I would walk and jog in place during the episode and wouldn’t stop until the show was over. It was Fun and I feel much better! I don’t think I would’ve done it if I hadn’t blogged, so you may see some very random short blogs that are..just because it gets me thinking.

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Just Blog! Just Because

I’m blogging right now just because I haven’t done it in a while. Maybe I feel it will get me going since I’m slumping right now. This is so frustrating! I’ve been reading my notes to myself that encourage or remind, but they don’t seem to be coming from the person that I’m feeling like right now. I’m reading people’s responses, and they really help! I need to snap out of how I’m feeling! I’m really frustrated with myself for dropping off!. I haven’t been logging my food. I did half a day’s worth yesterday and then stopped. I did pretty well with staying close to my calories. How do I know though?I don’t know! I’m just guessing since I didn’t log! Ugh! I will as soon as I’m done posting this blog.

How can I be so excited about weighing in one day? and then be like I am today? I hope people saw Carrie’s response from the last post! I love her pictures of the trail. I guess I’m having to go over my trail over and over, which is a good thing. Check out what she has to say. It’s very accurate and inspiring! I just read it again and it made me feel better. My goal for today is to keep the picture of the trail in my mind. Continue reading

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