Healthy Snacks on the Road — Which are Your Favorites?

It was important for me to eat healthy on this road trip because I knew I’d be on the road for about 15 hours heading to Wyoming.  So — after the trip to the grocery store and 70.00 later — I was reminded why America is so obese.  It is expensive to eat healthy!  Not that this is a new revelation for me – but when you know you are going to pick up some snacks for the road, you aren’t thinking that it will cost $70.00.
I went online to get a bunch of fresh healthy snack ideas ’cause I wanted the kids to be looking forward to the food rather than saying, “Uh – this again?  Really, mom?”  So instead of just the usual bananas, oranges, carrots, crackers – we threw in some bell peppers, cucumbers, grapes, cherries and ham sandwiches on those nice flat round whole grain breads along with cheddar cheese cubes, fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes with a balsamic vinegar glaze (Yummy!  But I wouldn’t recommend that for a road trip – they’re but not easy to eat).  And yes Tom, your favorite, yogurt.   Oh and don’t forget – LOTS of water!
For those of you who know me, yes – we did bake some brownies, but they were shared among 10 people, so no one really went overboard.   All of that good stuff was a big hit and easy to eat and low in calories – which is what you need when you are sedentary for 15 hours!
Snacking on the road with low calorie items (veggies and pieces of fruit) is a great way to keep the metabolism going without overeating, and it will leave you calories at the end of the day for a decent dinner. If you are traveling with a bag of chips or a bag of dove bites (you know who you are), well… good luck with netting your RMR that day.  In fact, good luck netting your TDC that day!
Okay – question for you guys:  What are your favorite healthy road trip snacks?  I know I would love all the ideas – I still have 15 hours on the road home (that is with stops I’m assuming) – and I KNOW I have several clients that are on the road a lot and would love the fresh new suggestions. : )
After the first 5.5 or 6 of hours of driving to Pullman, we stayed there with my sister and her family Saturday night to Sunday.  Sunday – we went to church with them and then went for a nice hike up to Kamiak butte – short and sweet, about a mile and a quarter – not sure of the elevation gain, my guess would be between 500- 1000.
More updates soon!
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