Just Acknowledge It – please.

Can I just share something with you that I find interesting.  In all the years that I’ve been training, I’ve had many clients that have the usual 5-30 lb fat loss goal.  Only two clients have had a significant amount to lose, like 100 or more lbs.  So – what I’ve noticed is that when the clients that have 10 – 20  lbs to lose and they lose their weight –  their friends, co-workers, etc. take notice and will always acknowledge their fat loss and compliment them.  The two people who I train that have lost a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight – 80 lbs and more, people do not acknowledge their success – or are at least extremely slow at it.  It’s not like it’s not noticeable!  There seems to be some level of discomfort or uncertainty from people when it comes to  congratulating someone who has lost such a considerable amount of weight, having started in the 400 or 300 lb range – coming down to the 200.  It is nothing like asking a women when she is due, assuming she is pregnant, only to find she’s not.  This is going the other direction!  They are not going to be offended if you notice they are smaller.  They KNOW they were overweight – they have worked really hard to change their lifestyle habits.  So, just in case you are unsure – THEY WOULD LIKE THE RECOGNITION!!  It is okay and encouraged to say something – so, next time you see someone who has obviously lost the amount of mass equal to that of a small child, give them a big congratulations!


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