199.00 Unlimited Group Workout Sessions!

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2 Responses to 199.00 Unlimited Group Workout Sessions!

  1. Carrie says:

    what size group?? If a bunch of the sisters do this then it would be affordable. I can do this with at least 5 others.

    • carriepartna says:

      My apologies for the late reply. I’m still learning the system here of blogging. I thought I had this set up to notify me by email of comments – apparently, not the case! Anyway – to answer your question – the 199.00 is per person – there are up to 6 people per group session. So, it doesn’t matter if 1 person shows up in that designated group hour or if 6 people show up in that group hour – the cost is the same to you. This also eliminates the loss of a session due to last minute canceling. Of course I appreciate the 24 hr notice of cancelation still because if I have a group with 6 people and there were a couple others that were wanting in on that time – it’d be nice to offer it to them if I knew someone wasn’t going to be able to make it anymore. There are 6 available times at the moment and as it grows we will add more hours. If you take advantage of this offer – it works out to approximately 15.00 a session, plus you get measured and pinched and I will monitor your food logs.

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