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Tabata Timer

If you have an I-phone, there is an app called ‘tabata timer’ that would be very helpful if you are doing this workout at home.  You don’t have to have a clock nearby with your eye glued to it. Thanks … Continue reading

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I’m 38, married with 6 kids.  Four of them I brought into the marriage and two of them my husband, Dale, brought into the marriage.  Yes, we are literally the “Brady Bunch,” with 3 girls and 3 boys.  However, our … Continue reading

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Running On Spark!!!

I am a selfish person!  Really – I use this energy drink, instead of coffee or other carbonated energy drinks, called spark.  I love it – it’s only 45 calories and is packed with vitamins and minerals and yes, admittedly, … Continue reading

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People – stop generalizing!

Recently, I had a client who came in, a bit bothered, because she had someone tell her there is NO WAY she burns as many calories as she says she does, playing soccer.

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Tabata Torment

Way to go guys! Tabata workouts are not easy, no matter how strong or fit you are. (Laughing) I remember my first Tabata workout at the crossfit gym in Sand Point. My legs felt like they had cement in them … Continue reading

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Energy Profiling – Fun and Fascinating!!

Okay – so, I haven’t been on here for a few days, remember when I said I was a busy mom?  I wasn’t kidding : )  Okay, but I managed to get these for you.  I had lots of interest … Continue reading

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Interesting – Energy part 2 (type 2/4)

So, I had a client that was curious about the energy profile I talked about the other day and I gave her the questionnaire.  I suspected her to be a 2/4 blend – and sure enough she was.  So- we … Continue reading

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