How your energy type can work for or against you in your health program

Hey Kathy – this one is for you!  : )  I LOVE what I do!  Today – I met with Kathy who received a complimentary metabolic assessment from my friend Melaine’s blog, My Sweet Savannah.  I had so much fun with her!  At one point during the review of her assessment, (because of the energy type I am) I got off the main topic, for a bit, and started talking about the different energy types that I had learned about from Carol Tuttle, an energy therapist.   I shared with her that I was a type 3/1 and because of this – my brain is very compartmentalized and it’s very difficult for me to plan anything or accomplish anything that involves more than 3 steps.  It was so much fun revisiting this information, I wanted to share it with you.  Understanding your energy type can help set you up for success in your health/fitness program.  If you don’t understand it, you could be, unknowingly, constantly setting yourself up for failure and frustration.  Your energy type will most definitely impact you on a daily basis, for good or bad.  But understanding it – will allow you to work with it, rather than against it.  So – here is the gist of it… 

So, I’m gonna just use myself as an example – cause hopefully it’ll make sense – plus I need to hurry and get my daughter, Rebecca, to soccer practice and don’t have time to explain all of them!  Carol asks a number of questions and you answer choosing the best option that describes you.  At the end, you total them up and this tells you which energy type you are.  There are 4 main types  and you will typically have a little of all of them but will be very dominate in 1 or 2 types.  I happen to be a 3/1 energy type.  The movement of the 3/1 type is a medium-high to high energy type.  Relating to the elements of the periodic table – 1 is light upward energy and 3 is active and reacts easily (Dale, my husband will agree with this one).  These energy types are found in nature as Aspen trees, babbling brooks, rolling hills, bunny rabbits, hummingbirds, Southern Utah, Wasatch Mountain Range, tigers and eagles.  Some words that describe the energetic movement of these energy types are – extroverted, fresh, childlike, non-structured, spontaneous, youthful, innocent, fun, guileless, happy, cute, up, inspiring, animated, buoyant, random, fun-loving, physical, casual, angled.  Gifts and talents of these two types are; inspiring, uplifting others, bringing in the ideas, taking action, creating results, producing outcomes – you want to do it now, looks like impatience.  When it comes to the brain – it works more compartmentalized and management of your space… well, let’s just say it doesn’t look “managed,” but you typically know where everything is and the chaos doesn’t bother you to be in it.  Okay – so you get the idea.  So, you might be wondering how in the heck this influences how successful you will be on your program?  Here is how – if your brain works more compartmentalized – you will have difficulty planning and preparing.  You will be more on the go – moving fast and quick jumping from one task to the next, often before completing the one before.  This makes meal planning and preparation difficult – so if you are given a menu to follow, this will sound like a great idea cause you don’t have to think, just follow it, right? Not really – cause you still have to make a grocery list, go to the store and then plan and execute the making of the food throughout the day.  This may last a week or two – but then you fall back into the eating on the go, grabbing whatever you can find that is quick and convenient – and it usually isn’t good for you.  Set your environment up for success if this is you.  Bars and shakes are good – anything healthy that you can snack on throughout the day.  Crock-pot dinners are great and be sure to make enough for lots of leftovers that you can “grab and go” for lunches at work or after school snacks to feed the kids.  Being a creature of habit and eating the same things day in and day out is great, simply means less planning and preparing.  The ideal situation, as I see it, would be to have a chef come in, do the grocery shopping, cook and prepare all my meals and snacks for a few days at a time, write the caloric value to each serving on the container so it’s easy to figure out and add up…. ah, yeah – that sounds like heaven!  Since my son, Ashton is in culinary school – you can bet I’ll do whatever I can to turn that dream of mine into a reality : )  The other day he asked me if I’d stop off at the store and get some ingredients so he could make dinner for the family.  REALLY??  PLEASE, YES!!!  It was like someone offered to pay my bills for the next year!  What a relief!  As a mother of six kids, wife, business owner, trainer – you don’t have to ask me twice if you can make dinner for the family.

If you are a client and are interested in learning which energy type you are – just let me know, I can bring in the questionnaire.  If you aren’t a client but are interested in learning more about the energy types, you can google Carol Tuttle, she wrote a great book called Remembering Wholeness.  I’m trying to recall if this was in that book and since I’m not home at the moment, I can’t go quickly check.  I don’t think it was – I think it was in something else she put together.  I’ll look into and post the information later if anyone is interested.

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