Do you have Reasons or Results?

A client once said to me, “Well, you either have reasons or results, right?”  He said this after he and been contemplating why he hadn’t done what he was supposed to in order to get the results he wanted.  This client is now 93 lbs lighter today – and I have that saying on my car.  I love it!

I think one of the reasons I’ve been successful with what I do is because I live in the real world with my clients.  I’m not a 22 yr old trainer, fresh out of school, who’s only obligation is to show up at work each day and can spend 3 hours on their body while they are there.  I’ve given birth to 4 kids and I know what it’s like to work to get your body back – or as back as it will get (the stretchy skin sucks!)  I’ve been through a divorce, I’ve been a single mom of 4, I’ve been through (still am) the drama that comes along with teenagers – I know what it’s like trying to get your workout in each day with all those things present in your life.  I know what it’s like trying to cook for a large family.

We have a lot of reasons for not getting the results we want – relationships, work, running a business, can’t find the time, not enough sleep, headaches, not enough support at home, kids – (oh – and there are hundreds of reasons within that one reason) anyway, I have them too – If there is anything I can understand and relate to with my clients – it’s being incredibly busy and always working at getting my own workouts in, eating reasonably healthy and giving my body the calories it needs.  Some days are harder than others.  Ha! Who am I kidding – some weeks and months are harder than others!  I can give you plenty of reasons – but in the end, that’s all they are, reasons.  Reality is, it will always be a constant effort.  As long as I have my own business, am married, have kids, and clients to care for – I will constantly need to work at making whatever adjustment necessary in my schedule, to just make things work.

So – here’s what I did today.  I only had 25 min for a workout, so I did a 5 minute warm up and a 20 min strength workout.  It was so tempting to just bag it since it was only 20 minutes, BUT – I did it anyway cause sometimes, it’s not about how long the workout is or how great it is, but it’s just about doing it and getting it done, establishing those habits.  I knew I had a soccer game later, so I’d use that for my cardio.  The strength workout I did, I had used a stability ball in every exercise cause I knew with the little time I had, I needed to burn as many calories as possible and the instability of the ball would give me that.

If you feel like it’s impossible to take care of yourself cause you are spread so thin taking care of everyone else, keep your chin up and charge the mountain – you MUST take care of you, or there won’t be anything left to take care of the ones you love.  If all you have is 10 minutes a day – use it, doing some sort of exercise.  Remember – it’s not always about how great the workout is, sometimes it’s just about doing something, establishing the habit.

Get it done – figure it out, don’t let the reasons get in the way of your results.

Here is a picture of our crazy bunch.  This is an old picture – Rebecca, who is on my lap in the picture is now 9.  The boys in the back are 18 and 19, Elly is 11 and Caylee is 16.  I’ll have to eventually get this updated –

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