Interesting – Energy part 2 (type 2/4)

So, I had a client that was curious about the energy profile I talked about the other day and I gave her the questionnaire.  I suspected her to be a 2/4 blend – and sure enough she was.  So- we were talking about what types of things throw her off track.  She said she needs to have a realistic plan, something she KNOWS she can achieve.  Cause if she isn’t able to do it all, completely, she’ll get thrown off and discouraged.  It’s kind of all or nothing.  I have another strong 2/4 client and both of them are the same when it comes to logging their food and exercise – it’s quite detailed and they do well with the detail, it NEEDS the detail.  Have a plan and follow the plan – don’t deviate.  So – as the 3/1 types are more flexible and can go with what life throws in their way, but can’t follow a plan – the 2/4’s get flustered and will fall off the “plan” when life throws a curve ball.  They need the plan – and want to and will follow it.  They are naturally pretty organized people.  Anyway – it was just interesting.

And speaking of “curve balls,” I wasn’t able to get my workout in today because I was literally with clients from 7 am to 4 p.m. – so I planned to get my run in when I got home.  After a stop at the post office, I get home at 5 and I’m talking myself into going for a run (it’s just hard to do at home cause I see everything else that needs to get done).  Anyway – I get a call from Ashton (my son) who needs to get picked up from work at 6 – lovely, there goes my workout.  Ugh!  I will try to do something though before bed.  I promised the girls costume shopping and I need to pick up Caylee as well.  Somehow – I’ll do SOMETHING.


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3 Responses to Interesting – Energy part 2 (type 2/4)

  1. Don Jarrett says:

    Where do I learn about these energy types?

    • carriepartna says:

      Hey Don- K, Carol Tuttle and here is a link to her blog Carolblog.

      • carriepartna says:

        Also – I guess she has a book titled, “It’s Just My Nature.” I haven’t read it yet, but it’s all in there. I have read her book, “Remembering Wholeness” and really enjoyed it. However, I learned this from something else of hers – same information, but I think it was in a CD. She is an energy therapist, a very spiritual woman. As I was reading this energy stuff – I was able to see a correlation between our success on a fitness/health/nutrition program and our energy type. It was all very interesting to me. Remember how I’ve always said – you can’t take a cookie cutter approach with a fitness program, a system that works for one person, won’t work for another and the program needs to be designed to fit their energy profile, so they will be successful. Otherwise it’s like trying to fit that square peg into a round hole and all we are left with is frustration and disappointment. That’s why all my clients have different ways to track and log calories and exercise.

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