Tabata Torment

Way to go guys! Tabata workouts are not easy, no matter how strong or fit you are. (Laughing) I remember my first Tabata workout at the crossfit gym in Sand Point. My legs felt like they had cement in them and I couldn’t walk normally for at least a week. The funny thing about it is, the instructor introduced me as a trainer, so for whatever stupid reason, I felt I had something to prove now and pushed harder than ever. I couldn’t let this new group of people I just met, think I’m a wimp, right!? Ge’ez – what a goof. I think I’ve let go of whatever that was. Maybe, hopefully! Anyway, you may or may not relate to those feelings or experiences. I hope we can all move forward in our workouts determined and strong-willed, but smart! Keep good form and don’t kill yourself trying to prove something or fearing you’ll be viewed a certain way by others. The week you’ll need to take to recover isn’t worth it!!

If you are planning on heading out of town for the holidays, this would be a great workout since it takes little to no equipment. Twenty seconds of as many reps as you can do (of whatever exercise) followed by a ten second rest, repeated eight times. Today, we did push ups, squats, sit ups and pull ups. And yes, you DO get your heart rate up. And if you aren’t, you aren’t pushing hard enough.

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4 Responses to Tabata Torment

  1. Kathy says:

    Thank you for emailing me, it made my day. Love you blog and love the energy lady and I am looking forward to understanding it more.

    • carriepartna says:

      Ah! You’ll have a blast with it! You’ll view people totally different – in a good way. So much more understanding! You’ll have to keep me posted on what you are learning – let me know what energy type you are. I have my guess ; )

  2. T. says:

    Tor(ture)-the-Bada … looking forward to Friday AM Carrie …

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