Becky’s story

Almost a year ago, Becky came to me with the desire to lose fat mass.  As with every client, as I talk with them, get to know them, their background information, you get an idea as to what their journey is going to look like.  You can get a good feel for how long it’ll take and how hard it will be.  Some clients have established very good exercise and food habits – they just need their personal metabolic information so they can stay within the correct caloric boundaries for them to get results.  Others, have had a very different life experience and sadly, have created and cemented beliefs about themselves that you KNOW are going to be a challenge to change and take time to rewrite new beliefs.

I’m sure there are many trainers out there that could relate when I say; when a client with a history of poor belief habits comes to you and says – “I want to lose 10 lbs in one month, how long will it really take?  Can I do that in a month?”  You want to say yes!  But you know the truth – you know, that their habits are 1000 times stronger than their desire and will.  You know that our actions, all our doings, habits  are a function of the subconscious not the conscious mind.  You know that the client in front of you identifies themselves with their conscious mind – and believes that once they KNOW the information, understand it, have the tools they need, that they will automatically DO what they know they need to do and you also know that the process of changing habits, thought habits, belief habits – takes MUCH longer than a month.  This is why you (the client) have started and stopped health and fitness programs and diets, dozens of times.

If you have a good trainer – they understand that to reach your goal is a journey, not something that happens overnight.  The job of a trainer requires far more than just standing next to your clients and counting their reps for them – or just giving them a great workout.  If that is all you are getting from your trainer – a good chat and someone to count your reps, FIND A NEW TRAINER!  A good trainer knows that you are about to go on a journey – a journey of changing beliefs, changing thought habits, changing physical habits.  They know that their work with you is more about rewriting these beliefs that have been created and cemented over years –  than it is about getting you to lose a fat pound.

So – back to Becky, a year ago she stood in my office with me, feeling very vulnerable.  As she shared her story with me – she had tears in her eyes.  I could feel her sadness so strongly that is was impossible to hold back my own tears.  I knew Becky was going to be a fun and rewarding journey and I was honored she chose me to take it with her.

Becky is now in the throes of the neural reconditioning phase.  She has made HUGE strides and I’m so proud of her and who she has become.  She has made fantastic progress.  As she has been doing a lot of self reflecting, trying to understand what beliefs she’s created about herself and why – but mostly how she is going to move forward creating the new beliefs she really wants,  she came to our group class one morning with the idea that she might be more successful if she had more people enrolled in her journey to lose weight. (meaning the people in the group class) I thought that was a great idea and asked her if we could take it one step further and do it over the blog.  Ha ha, yes – I’m aware that posting her health and fitness journey on the internet for all to see is more that one step further – more like 10!!  But – the trooper she is – agreed with the idea and is willing to let everyone into her private world of thoughts, feelings and experiences.

I invite you all to follow her through her very real and very raw experiences, encourage her, cheer her on – and possibly relate to her.  I hope you get to experience the same feeling I experience every time someone hires me as their trainer, their coach, to see them through their journey however short or long – that it is a complete honor.


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3 Responses to Becky’s story

  1. Becky Fisher says:

    I’m excited to do this! I know it’s helping already! I’ve actually logged my calories for 2 days in a row!! I’m very mindful of what I’m eating right now since I think,” I want to have to explain the emotions of eating this cookie I’m eating on a blog?” so I passed that sample cookie up at the Safeway bakery! It was probably old anyway.
    So I have my own blog started it is down below. It will have the heavy stuff. For the short stuff like weight progress etc… I’ll make the comments on here. Unless there is a better way to do it.
    Okay I started Monday with In-body, pinching and measurements. They were the biggest ever! Not a great accomplishment but a good place to start. I’m not worrying about the big numbers that need to change. I’m focusing on getting through today. One step at a time! Today was a success!
    If you wonder why my numbers are big, and I’ve been seeing Carrie for a year, it’s not that she isn’t a good trainer! She is awesome! I had been doing great! lost 10 lbs, numbers were looking good then I went on vacation and never got back on track. The story of my life!!! (more on that later) Carrie has been there trying to get me back on track with my calorie count and recording. But we/I need to do the work!
    I mention in my blog about weight not defining us. My numbers don’t mention that I ran (slowly jogged) a 5 K this last fall, which was a huge success for me or that I feel better than ever from exercise. I have learned so much in 2010. There is so much to tell! Just because the numbers are high doesn’t mean last year was wasted when it comes to the goal of getting healthy. There is a lot more to health than our weight! With that said… Monday’s weight was 1.. (man, it’s hard to even type it!!) 184.5. I don’t have the other info with me at the moment but suffice it to say I have some fat to burn and muscle to gain. It won’t happen overnight either! Please keep me in your happy thoughts as I start on this journey! I’d love it if you read my blog! : ) Becky

  2. bekfisher says:

    This is a reminder message to myself…Read often!!
    I woke up this morning feeling a bit queasy. I wake up on weekdays at 4:45 A.M. I teach an early morning religion class to high school students. My body hasn’t adjusted to the going back to school schedule after winter break. I’m dragging!
    Some days (actually most days) the last thing I want to do is exercise. I’ve had a few of those days this week. One of the things I’ve learned this past year was that even when we don’t feel great, or we think we’re too tired, we need to exercise. I’m not saying to exercise when you’re really sick. You need your rest, but like this morning, I knew I should do it. I had a choice. I could feel queasy working out, or feel queasy staying home. At home I would be thinking about working out, and then feel guilty all day for not doing something, and then I‘d be bummed because I didn’t earn more calories to eat more food.
    I know that even making the trip to the gym is creating a habit. I know that once I get there and do a little something, that I’ll feel better. I know doing something is better than nothing! The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I will be happy with myself for making the effort. Of course, once I get to Carrie’s, I decide “oh I’ll try it”. I get into the workout, my stomach gets ignored. An hour later I feel awesome! Many hours later, I still feel great!
    This queasy morning I had excuses but I turned them into positive results. I’m excited because I burned 500 calories this morning and get to eat something good! Good bye fat!
    When I let the excuses win, which they often do…It drives me crazy because I know all of these things!! So why do I do it? I do it because it’s easier at the moment. Just like it’s easier to eat the wrong thing at an impulse moment instead of walking away. The truth is that its habit for me to do the easy thing, or eat the easy thing. I’m a great procrastinator! One of the challenges of my life… I’ve got to do the things that take work, and not avoid them. I’m very good at finding “other things to do”, and putting things off. (cleaning house) Putting things off has put me 30 lbs heavier than I was just 2 years ago.
    Let’s not make things harder for ourselves! Let’s count our calories now so we don’t have to count sugar levels because of diabetes later. Let’s work out now so we don’t have worry about serious health issues that could’ve been prevented later. Lose some fat now so you don’t have to buy another size bigger, again! This is so hard to do, but we are learning to do the hard stuff day by day! Go do something positive…I’m going to read this post to myself tomorrow when I don’t want to exercise and clean my house again! 

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