Becky Fisher Intro, by Becky Fisher

The Beginning…January 3, 2011

How and where do I begin???
My son has been a blogger for a year and I’ve enjoyed following his blog. I’ve seen a couple other posts but I’m very inexperienced with blogging!! So why do it? Well…
I’ve been wanting some type of journaling experience but mostly because I’ve agreed to get WAY out of my comfort zone by joining Carrie Partna on an adventure!
Carrie is my trainer. She owns Fit By Design in Redmond, Washington. She is awesome and very patient with me. I work out with a group of wonderful and motivating people!
I’ve learned many things about myself in the past year since I’ve started going to Carrie. One of the biggest things is that when it comes to personal fitness, I have a hard time doing it alone. I need something to keep my workouts and records forefront in my mind.
A few weeks ago I started thinking about the group that I work out with. I thought maybe I’d do better if  they could follow my progress, or lack of. I feel they’re a real support group. Carrie has suggested that we take it a bit further and use her blog to follow my progress (notice I didn’t say “lack of” because this is all progress!). So I will be working on keeping my fitness goals and progress on the blog. Please bear with me as I figure out blogging!
I am a huge fan of “The Biggest Loser”! I love watching the inspirational stories and watching the people’s success. I cry and cheer with the contestants. I know if they can do what they do, I can do it too.This is my own personal version of the Biggest Loser. I hope I can say something that maybe you can relate to, or inspire you to try something outside of your comfort zone since that is progression also. Making my weight known is very difficult for me, but in my blogging I’ll share with you why, and what I’ve learned about weight along my journey.
Please join me as we take this adventure!
I would love your stories, comments and I really appreciate your support as I enter this new “zone”.

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1 Response to Becky Fisher Intro, by Becky Fisher

  1. Natasha Fulkerson says:

    Way to go Becky! You inspire me 🙂

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