I would much rather exercise than feel like I do right now!

This week I was eager to get busy with the blog and keep up with my fitness goals. I’m disappointed because I didn’t get to do what I had planned.

My daughter is sick. I haven’t been feeling well. With not feeling well, I don’t have much of an appetite so it’s hard to eat. Also when we don’t feel well, its hard to make the effort to plan ahead, or want to log our calories. I’ve had a pretty bad headache with dizziness, and haven’t been able to concentrate so I didn’t want to blog or log. This is not what I had planned! I can be resentful and frustrated, or I can just realize that these things just happen, and work with what I have. I keep wondering if I need to read the blog about reminder to self, and just exercise. Yesterday I decided that I felt good enough to walk, so I called my walking buddy, Kristy, and we walked in the cold air. It was refreshing and invigorating. It wasn’t much but it was something. I got to visit with her, which was the best part. I would have missed out if I didn’t make the effort.

Last night however, the dizziness and bad headache came on. The idea of exercising just doesn’t sound good. I feel guilty not exercising. I know I’ll be hard on myself during the day for being a wimp, but I need to give myself permission to be sick. I’ll work with what I have.

I am going to try hard and keep close track on my calories, that way I am still doing something. Even if I don’t, it’s still okay. (I need to keep things in perspective) My day is not blown. I have tomorrow and next week, not in a procrastination way, but in a looking forward way. The difference is that I have specific reasons for not exercising. Resting is my priority. If we procrastinate, we are putting something off because we don’t want to deal with it, or face it at the moment and will wait for a better time. Believe me when I say that at this moment, I would much rather exercise than feel how I do right now! Oh Wow, I like that! 🙂 Another note to self…”I would much rather exercise than feel how I do right now!” That will be my phrase to say to myself when I feel better.

Something I have learned is that I always feel better when I exercise. My body is now starting to let me know that. When I’m healthy (not sick) and feeling tired or blah, I know exercise is key to making me feel better. My body tells me it doesn’t like inactivity. So unlike me!

Subject change: Something I’m excited about… I have had a hard time finding vitamins that don’t upset my stomach. I tried “Nature Made’s Multi for Her” and it seems pretty good. I’m glad to finally find one!

Make it a good day!


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I Grew up in Issaquah, WA. Mother of 6...Alex, Blake, Carlie, Darbie, Evie, and Garrett. Grandma to Ella and happily married to Paul for 24 years! I love reading, teaching, oceans, dolphins, nature, movies with the family, and my church
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