Stuff Happens

Yesterday, I was excited to see what my results were going to be when I went to Carrie’s today. Monday is my measurement day. This morning I wasn’t quite as excited since I had eaten chips and diet pop yesterday. I didn’t log my calories either. I woke up looking like a giant puff ball from water retention. I figured I would go, and do it anyway since this is real life and stuff happens that influence our weight. Now I’m bummed because I can’t go in. I need to stay home. and keep my eye on my daughter who has the stomach flu. Stuff happens!

When stuff happens, we keep going with our plan. I will log my calories. I’m making food plans for the day, and I will work out at home. I love doing exercises on the stability ball at Carrie’s so  this will be a stability ball day here at home too. Sometimes stuff happens and we don’t log or exercise. That is real life, don’t let it get in the way, just do it tomorrow. Not all is lost. It’s all part of the process

I’m expecting my results to be good. I think I’ve been a little low on calories so we’ll see about lean muscle. We have to eat to lose weight! But regardless what the numbers say…I’m happy with the first week of the working out/Carrie blog adventure. It has really helped me keep my fitness a priority. Success isn’t just measured by what the scale says.

Whether or not you are watching your weight, I’d recommend a food journal of some kind. Blogging is really helping me identify what my eating routines are and what I’m feeling  about food.

Our friend, Eric recommended some of the canned soups from Trader Joes. We tried them last night. They are low calorie and pretty filling. I really liked the black bean soup! Split pea was good but needs some ham added, or a little something more. Paul loved the butternut squash soup! Its weird for me to eat it. It’s tasty but it’s like hot pumpkin pie in a blender. It just feels strange as a meal instead of dessert, which it shouldn’t because I eat pumpkin pie all the time for breakfast!

My goal this week is to continue on the path, and try to cut down on sugar. I’ll keep you posted!


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I Grew up in Issaquah, WA. Mother of 6...Alex, Blake, Carlie, Darbie, Evie, and Garrett. Grandma to Ella and happily married to Paul for 24 years! I love reading, teaching, oceans, dolphins, nature, movies with the family, and my church
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