Finally..A Weigh in!

I don’t know many people who look
forward to weighing in, but I was. It helps me know how I’m doing.
So after being sick for a week, and not getting to exercise like I
wanted, I went to Carrie’s today, and stepped on Inbody. My results
were good. They were as I expected. I lost 2 lbs. lost a little
fat, and gained a little muscle. I was happy because I had
challenges this week. They were healthy numbers and showed
progress. It’s funny because I was so excited that I was going to
post my weight loss. Now I’m typing, and I’m actually sad.

I hesitate to mention this because I feel like my posts are
depressing. The truth is that when it comes to weight loss issues,
I am depressed. This blog is about my weight loss issues, so
unfortunately for you it may be depressing. Fortunately for me, it
is therapeutic, healthy, and is helping me. This is the real
experience for me. I hope you can relate, and maybe it can help
you. Why am I sad? I should be happy. My head is telling me, “this
is great! you’re on your way! this is progress! good numbers!” The
sad thing is that there is this little deeper voice inside me that
I’m very familiar with. It’s my voice that has been talking to me,
my whole life. (I’m actually crying as I’m typing this) maybe my
little voice will go away after typing this. I know it won’t go
away yet, because it needs more training. It’s telling me “yeah,
you lost a couple of pounds, a couple of pounds that weren’t even
there a year ago. You may have lost that but you’re still 182!” or
the one that keeps hounding me is. “you’re going through all this
work, when you’re just going to fail anyway, and gain it back!”
When Carrie approached me about this blog, the first thing I
thought of in my head was “oh great! just what I need! a way to
show my failure in public”. So now I’m hearing this voice inside
me, and knowing I shouldn’t listen to it. But how do we do that?
They’re my thoughts, I should control them. …2 hours later..(I
had to go to the classroom to volunteer, now I’m typing later after
dealing with this). I’ve learned that voice isn’t the voice I want
to listen to, and need to tune it out. I’m learning how to
recognize it. I left the house feeling really down after typing the
above note. As I was driving I thought that I should ask people
what they do? What do you do? So I’m
driving and thinking “how do I feel better?” My first
was. “chocolate wouldn’t hurt!!”
interesting. It wouldn’t help either. Exercise makes me feel better
but I was already tired from exercising this morning. I decided to
replace my thoughts. I’ve tried to replace my thoughts with songs.
A familiar song came to my mind that we sing in church, here are a
couple of the words… “When you are discouraged, thinking all is
lost, count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your many
blessings, see what God has done” That is exactly what I did, and
instantly felt better! I am so blessed in my life! I am actually a
very happy person in many aspects of my life, just not weight, oh
and..organizing/house cleaning. 🙂 I don’t want to eat for
replacement of my feelings and thoughts. I don’t want to buy things
for replacement. I want to think positive thought replacements for
my negative ones. I want to recognize them for what they are…just
thoughts that have become my reality. I’m creating a new reality
for myself. When we feel down do we go for the chocolate? do we go
to the mall? or do we face what is bothering us and deal with it in
a positive way? I think dealing with it is much healthier, and
cheaper! Let me know what you do when you’re down. I could use some
other ideas. So today has been awesome! I had an epiphany about
myself, and good results at the scale!


About bekfisher

I Grew up in Issaquah, WA. Mother of 6...Alex, Blake, Carlie, Darbie, Evie, and Garrett. Grandma to Ella and happily married to Paul for 24 years! I love reading, teaching, oceans, dolphins, nature, movies with the family, and my church
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2 Responses to Finally..A Weigh in!

  1. carriepartna says:

    When I read your post it is obvious to me why people start diets and exercising, only to stop weeks later. I love the way you are so honest in sharing your thoughts. This is exactly what I wanted people to see or hear when they read your posts. Because of your honesty, you can easily hear the beliefs you’ve created in your “head conversations” that you have with yourself and share with the rest of us. Trust me, you are NOT alone! In fact, I can think of another client that shared the same exact belief you shared…

    “you’re going through all this work, when you’re just going to fail anyway, and gain it back!”

    And I’m sure there are thousands of other people out there with the very same belief running a muck through their head! I love what I do – you know that. I love sharing in peoples experience in losing fat and just reaching their goals in general, but the best part is sharing in changing these beliefs. In order to create TRUE change, change that lasts, we need to do a lot of mental work. The amount of work would most likely depend on how strong of a belief it is. How quickly we can create a new belief or bring about change depends on how much mental effort we put into it. It’s a workout – a mental workout.
    You are recognizing the negative talk and beliefs – that is huge! So many people don’t even recognize their own negative self talk and beliefs – or they hear it but dismiss it, or worse – play into it. So – you most certainly have made progress. The next step is to change it. You asked … “what do you do?” There are several techniques, what you choose will depend on what you are comfortable with.

    1. Positive self affirmations
    2. Meditation
    3. EFT or tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)
    4. Rapid Eye Technology
    5. Visual Stimulation – or imprinting material which can be like written, auditory, visual and subliminal pieces.

    You need to create a new vision of yourself, OR think back to one of yourself that you can easily see in your mind. Get in touch with how fantastic you felt at that time (they must be positive) Imagine how absolutely wonderful you feel in that body, how easy it is to get around, how much energy you have, the activities you are participating in. Create powerful declarations and affirmations that support this new vision of yourself and meditate on this crystal clear image 3 times a day.

    As you start to feel any negative emotions or experience yourself making choices that are supporting the negative beliefs, start tapping! Tapping really works, I’ve used it myself. Rapid eye technology is another great one – but you can only go so far with it yourself, you need a technician to work with you really. Again – I’ve used that one as well, it helped me work through a traumatic experience in my life in 3-4 months (just the therapy part) as opposed to years of talk therapy.

    Make a vision board – get it in front of you where you see it every day. Make a few of them and keep them around the house. Write with dry erase marker on your bathroom mirror – statements, declarations and affirmations that support this image. Feel it, get excited about it. I haven’t played with any subliminal stuff so I can’t vouch for anything there.

    What you did was excellent – you recognized your negative belief. You knew you didn’t want to feel that way – you asked yourself what you do that makes you feel good and you did it. PERFECT!

    What you are experiencing – everyone experiences on some level, in some area of their life and can use the same exact techniques to overcome and create new positive beliefs. As I write this – I’m reminded that I need to still do a lot of work on myself!! My beliefs revolve around money (unfortunately never having enough) – and not being smart. Wow – that’s another story for another day and a very LONG post, I’m sure! Yeah – my second grade teacher did a number on me and I’m STILL trying to correct it.

    Would you like to come over and make a vision board with me? I’ve been meaning to get mine done for months now – have the board, just never put anything on it! It would be just the thing I need to actually get it done. We can go over some tapping techniques and I can show you the rapid eye technology information as well. How’s that for putting you on the spot? Asking you on the blog!! K – I’ll just be here waiting for your response. 🙂

    Shine on Becky!!

  2. Becky Fisher says:

    thanks Carrie! I want to do the vision board. I tried the tapping. It’s a little rough for someone who has sinus issues 🙂 maybe there are some other tapping things to do. I’ll do the other stuff too. I appreciate your input. I know lots of people can benefit from it. We’ll talk about the smart thing. You’re smart in what is most important in life! and you’re helping us with your fitness knowledge. I want to try affirmations 3 times a day..thanks!

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