The Set Up

Something that I wish, is that when life gets busy or out of control, I would stay in control with my food and logging. The past several days have been so hectic with several unexpected things happening. What I find happening is that the day has rushed by, I have eaten convenient handy foods, that are low in nutritional value and but high in carbs. and calories etc. I crawl into bed and haven’t logged anything, and don’t have a clue to what I’ve eaten all day. I try to keep a mental count, and then just give up. Some foods are hard to figure out too. It takes work to count calories. One of my favorite breakfasts is making french toast out of Great Harvest’s cinnamon chip bread..yummy! It’s a real pain to try to figure out the calories.  I don’t know what the bread is etc. So to me the answer is just do your best, and remember moderation. Is it worth the effort? maybe some days.. I tend to get overwhelmed easily. Unfortunately, when I get overwhelmed I shut down and can’t seem to anything. Trying to count calories can overwhelm me, but I know like with all other things, we get better with practice. Practice makes perfect. Planning ahead as much as possible sets us up for success.

Our computers are having issues right now. I like to use Lose It to for my log. If I don’t have it right in front of me, I forget to use it. I need to make adjustments. I know making the effort to record food and calories is worth it. To set myself up for success, I need to get it in front of me.

I mentioned the yummy cinnamon bread…we need to remember to set ourselves up for success. I’m one of those people who, if the food is there, I’ll eat it. I bought that bread specifically for french toast, but as I saw it there, the loaf was big enough to cut into. I could eat a little, without making a dent into the french toast…well I made lots of little cuts, we barely had enough left for french toast because I kept taking little slices. I have no idea what the calories were in those little slices but I’m sure they added up to a lot! I did not set up for success. It’s fun to have special treats once in a while but I should have passed Great Harvest by! It’s healthy and tasty but I don’t have control when it comes to their bread. I know this! so I need to remember to stay away unless it’s a special occasion. We really need to be mindful at the grocery store as to what we’re buying. I spent $10.00 at Great Harvest! I sabotaged myself and my budget. The family enjoyed the french toast but I need to remember not to do that too often. Eating too much of a healthy food isn’t healthy.

We set ourselves, and our families up for success by buying food that is good for us, and if it’s readily available in the house, it’s okay to eat it if you get the munchies. I’m going to try and find snacks that I/we like, and put them into individual lunch bags, and only eat that one. I will know what the calorie count is for that bag. Put the rest out of sight..out of mind. We had a cake around a couple weeks ago. Paul knew I’d be tempted so he put in our fridge in the garage, out of sight. It made it easier for me to not just take a little slice. (every few minutes). I’m going to slice up some veggies and keep them handy where I can see them.

We need to find out what our own personal “set ups” are and do them. I’ve decided I really don’t like the word failure so we don’t set ourselves up for failure, we set ourselves up for personal growth!


About bekfisher

I Grew up in Issaquah, WA. Mother of 6...Alex, Blake, Carlie, Darbie, Evie, and Garrett. Grandma to Ella and happily married to Paul for 24 years! I love reading, teaching, oceans, dolphins, nature, movies with the family, and my church
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2 Responses to The Set Up

  1. carriepartna says:

    Becky – your story about how once innocent slice turns into many rather quickly – reminded me of a funny story growing up.

    Our family wasn’t a wealthy one and because of that, we didn’t have a lot of junk food in the house. Never did we have sugar cereals, soda or junk like that. I was blessed to have a mom that could stay home and raise us and did a fantastic job of always making a nice sit down dinner – and they also never forced us to eat everything off our plates. They raised us with good habits – thankfully!!! So – when there WAS sugar in the house, it was because my mom baked cookies or made something yummy. One of our favorites was fudge! One day – she made a pan of fudge and my sister Kim and I kept sneaking pieces out of the pan. I think she realized this, so she hid the pan of fudge from us. Being the problem fixer that I am, I needed to fix this situation and find where she hid the fudge! My sister was on board with me (happens to be a type 3 like myself) and we found the pan of fudge. She had hid the fudge in her room, in her chest of drawers and of course Kim and I helped ourselves – careful to not make it obvious that there was any missing. Over the next few days, Kim and I continued to enjoy sneaking pieces of fudge and were LOVING that we hadn’t been caught yet! However, we could see that the fudge was almost gone now, and we couldn’t believe that mom hadn’t noticed! I can’t recall if my mom came to us and questioned us – or if we finally felt guilty enough to confess, all I remember was my mom’s reaction. When we admitted to eating the fudge in her drawer, this look of shock and relief appeared on her face at the same time. Her whole entire body looked like it went limp – she chuckled and said “Oh thank goodness!! I was afraid I at the whole pan by myself!” Apparently – she too was sneaking pieces of fudge, not realizing she wasn’t the only one. She was so relieved that she didn’t eat the entire pan herself, that Kim and I didn’t get into an ounce of trouble. I loved it – ha ha

    The out of sight out of mind works. It needs to be inconvenient though. I have a safe that is quite high (need to stand on my tip toes) that requires a key to enter it. That is where I keep my treats that I know are a weakness. The girl scout cookies just got finished up – but they lasted till November!!

  2. Becky Fisher says:

    I love this! so funny!

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