I love Fridays! I love knowing that we can sleep in on the weekends, especially 3 day weekends like this one. The kids will be home with no school schedule. I love singing the song, “Friday is my Favorite Day” to the kids at home, and seminary. They don’t love it when I sing it though! Another thing about Fridays that I actually like, is weighing in. I like weighing in now. I used to hate it! Its funny how a scale can look so ugly when you’re gaining weight, and look so good when you’re losing!

So I know you’re on the edge of your seats, eagerly awaiting the results, or maybe not. Well I’m at 179.5! The fat has dropped, and a little lean mass has too, which means I’m probably not eating enough which is not a hard problem to fix! The past weigh in days, I haven’t been as excited, but I am today. There is something so motivating about having the 180’s turn into the 170’s. I know it’s only half a pound but the number just looks better!

Another thing I’m happy about is that my pants are fitting a bit differently. That is more motivating to me than the scale right now. I haven’t been too happy with how my clothes are fitting, or the size of those pants! I’m looking forward to changing that!

Something that happens to us as women is that we have to deal with monthly cycles. It’s a fact of life. For me, it can really mess with my head. I have terrible food cravings, gain weight, I’m lethargic and  don’t want to exercise etc. That is something we need to work around. This is one of the reasons I’m glad I go see Carrie, because if I was on my own, I probably would stay in bed. Yesterday I was wanting to eat constantly, did not want to make any effort in trying to figure out my calories. I just recognized it for what it was, and decided, “okay, I’m just going to work with it”. I allowed myself some extra eating. I didn’t stress over it and did my best. I didn’t feel I needed to conquer the cravings, or feel bad because I ate some cookies. I also didn’t want to make it an excuse so I didn’t go overboard either. I found it much easier to stay away from the stuff, than I thought it would be, because I didn’t fight with it. Sometimes I give food, (and hormones) too much power. They are what they are! We are the ones with the power. I have a hard time remembering that when I’m hormonal, usually everything is so blown out of proportion!

Today is a new day, Saturday. I didn’t blow it yesterday. I didn’t eat very healthy but it didn’t change my outlook today. This is a life long process and we go forward. I’m proud of myself on how I’m handling my thoughts, especially while being hormonal, because that is when they tend to run away with me. I love being conscious of what I’m putting in to my mouth, and not feeling out of control, and knowing each mouthful is a choice. Yesterday, after my workout, I came home and saw the lemon meringue pie in the fridge that Paul had brought home. (at my request, the night before…which I only had a sliver..cravings) so there was that pie! I had just spent about 350 calories on my work out. The choice was, “is it worth it?” The answer was, “YES!”  I ate it, and I don’t regret it one bit! I was in control, and I enjoyed every bite!


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I Grew up in Issaquah, WA. Mother of 6...Alex, Blake, Carlie, Darbie, Evie, and Garrett. Grandma to Ella and happily married to Paul for 24 years! I love reading, teaching, oceans, dolphins, nature, movies with the family, and my church
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  1. carriepartna says:

    Here is an idea Becky for those days you are battling the munchies due to hormones. I think 1/2 the reason we get off track is because our mind is focused on the RMR number and if we can’t make that – then we get discouraged and are tempted to just throw in the towel completely. Sounds like you did a great job allowing yourself the freedom you needed this weekend and were forgiving – that’s fantastic! My thoughts are – on those really difficult days – keep your mind focused on the TDC, your total daily calories. That way, you know you are at least at maintenance, not gaining. It doesn’t have to be a choice between losing and gaining – it can be a choice of losing and maintaining. Is that making sense? Sure it may take longer to get to our goal – but it’ll be easier on us mentally if we can relax when we need to and give ourselves that flexibility (which you demonstrated nicely) –

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