Log log log log log log!!!

I KNOW it’s a pain in the rear – I deal with the same ups and downs that everyone else does.  I’ll be real good for a couple of weeks and then I’ll forget or get busy, have a couple of bad logging days (weeks or months) – and then get back on.  I know that we can come up with dozens of reasons why we don’t like doing it and simply just don’t want to do it – or even give it a weak effort and log every now and then or just mentally keep track.  But studies show – logging your food and exercise WORKS.  The people who log their food and exercise have the most success – this is SO TRUE!I can back those studies up with my own data on my clients.  It may not be what you want to hear – but if results is what you are after, start logging.

Just in the past couple weeks I’ve got two clients that come to mind – experiences, that I’d like to share with you.

First – Becky!  Ever since Becky went on vacation last year – logging has been a challenge.  And consequently, so has been getting results.  She eventually resolved things inside, deciding to not focus on what she wasn’t doing, but instead, her focus was going to be on continuing to workout and maintain that habit, knowing that she’ll be picking up the logging again in the new year.  Since she started logging in the new year – and she’s been more consistent she has gone from 184.5 to 179.9 and we know that she’s only lost .3 in muscle and .6 in water – the rest is fat!!  Yes – 3.7 fat lbs gone!  And because she’s been so much more diligent in tracking – as things start to slow down, we will be able to go over her log and see why things are slowing down.  Anyway – just a confirmation that logging makes a huge difference.

Second client – I’ll withhold her name as I don’t have her permission to reveal it – but she’s been struggling to get results for quite sometime also.  I’d been asking to see her log for just as long – but it never made it in for one reason or another.  She had chosen to keep her log written down in a notebook at home, which is fine – but I can’t see it, therefore – I have no idea how complete it is.  How often are we logging?  How much are we guessing?  I had been trying to get her on lose it for a long time, so that I could just look at her account and know EXACTLY what is going on – and not rely on her to bring in her information  She felt pretty certain that it was accurate – and admitted to a day here and there that she would mentally track.  None the less – we weren’t getting results and were very discouraged – both of us!  She was convinced that the RMR was incorrect – which can happen from time to time for various reasons, however – I needed to see the logging to be certain that it was in fact being followed, then I could make a decision as to whether or not we needed to  reassess.  I finally convinced her to start logging on lose it – she LOVED it!  She decided that lose it was actually lots  of fun – she enjoyed it.  She tracked – came in and BAM 2.5 fat lbs in two weeks!  RESULTS!!!!  Not water – not muscle – but FAT, gone!

I can’t express enough – HOW important logging your food and exercise is.  If anything else – if things aren’t coming together as expected or hoped, we have data to go back to, to compare with your results so we can course correct!  Otherwise – it’s all a shot in the dark.

Okay – now that I’m getting of the soap box, I’m going to go finish logging my Saturday and Sunday!


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