Why do we lose our motivation, stir, direction and willingness to exercise?

In response to Becky’s blog, asking if the “honeymoon” was over, I started browsing the internet looking for what I could find on motivation and exercise. I noticed there seems to be plenty advise on what to do to find that motivation again, but I didn’t see anything that defined why we lose this drive and stir to exercise and keep our bodies in shape. This kind of stuff drives me crazy!!! It’s like popping pain pills to cover up a nuisance pain, rather than correcting the problem that creates the pain in the first place. People – do you really enjoy the experience THAT much??

Now – I’m not claiming to know everything – all I have to offer is my experience in training over the years, but I can share with you what I have learned.

There are a couple of reasons, that I’m aware of, that play into the quick decline of direction.  Carol Tuttle shares four different energy types in her book, It’s Just My Nature. I know I’ve mentioned this book before – but it’s worth repeating because who we are by nature, does impact how we go about projects, setting goals and achieving goals, etc. The conversations that Becky and I have had, reveal that she is clearly a type 1. If you know her or have met her, you would probably agree that she has a natural brilliance to her. Her eyes smile when she smiles, she is bubbly, light, fresh, youthful, fun and unstructured. There is an upbeat energy to her that leaves no doubt in your mind that this is true, she is in fact a type 1. Keeping life light and fun is the primary motive for a type 1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the word “fun” come out of her mouth – it is definitely a primary motive for her. Carol goes over the gifts and talents of a type 1 and cautions us about the importance of keeping balance – that the same natural tendencies that are your gifts and talents can also be a challenge in your life. When we allow our dominant movement to take over, it creates problems. I recognized this in Becky’s blog when she mentioned that she is a great “starter” but not so great at being a “finisher.” Because type 1’s natural gift is ideas and they come readily and easily, you can easily get stuck in the idea phase, bringing in more ideas than you can follow through with. Or – new ideas distract you easily, events, people, to do lists, creating the tendency to not always follow through. Knowing this information isn’t going to solve the problem – since it is just a part of the type 1 nature, but having an awareness of it, accepting it and working with it – rather than letting it get you down and frustrated is a better path.

Remember one of the gifts of a type 1 is that they are full of ideas! This will come in handy as we brainstorm ways to work with this nature. Another trait we know about type 1’s are that they need fun. So if type 1’s like to start things but don’t tend to finish, let’s come up with some fun activities that we can implement that creates that feeling of “starting something new, fresh, fun!” Maybe switching cardio activities each month, trying something new and exciting once in a while. One month – make it kick boxing (put a short 1 month goal out there to reach) The next month, make it swimming – again, set a little mini goal for yourself just for that month of swimming. Then – maybe try rollerblading? Again, making a goal that is realistic for you to reach by the end of the month. That way – you are satisfying the need and enjoyment of starting something new and fun. You are only doing it for a month so you can stay focused, it’s not too long-term – setting yourself up for disappointment because you couldn’t stay focused. Also, setting little mini goals and reaching them, changes the thought habits of not ever finishing to – “yes, I can and DO finish projects, goals, etc.” Which leads me into the second reason we lose that motivation…

Another reason why we fall off and lose that motivation is because of our subconscious beliefs. Again – our conscious and subconscious have different functions and we relate ourselves too often with our conscious mind. We think that just because we understand how something works, in our mind – that we will do it. Not so! What we will do is what we have done for the last umpteen years – which is a result of whatever self dialogue we have had with ourselves long enough for the subconscious to believe it and accept it as truth. Your subconscious will continually pull you off track, off the new path of good habits you are now trying to establish. It takes TIME to blaze a new trail. Imagine if you, alone, decided to take a walk in the forest where the ground is covered with bushes, trees, grass, wild plants, flowers and no one has ever been there before – you are going to create a new trail – but ONLY by walking. Imagine – walking that same path every day, how long do you think it’ll take to wear a clear path to the point that nothing will grow there on the ground where you keep walking? Yeah! Exactly! Here is a picture to help your imagination –

Now – you do have some control as to how quickly you can clear this new path. If you were to bring a few friends along every day – and all of you together, walked the same path, daily, to wear it in good and clear so it is easy to see. At some point, you won’t even need to watch so closely to where you are stepping because it’ll be clear enough that you won’t trip over twigs, roots or rocks. Cause here is the thing – unless you change those habits, the thought habits and beliefs at the subconscious level, it will be a LONG time till you can walk that path without watching where you step. The friends I mentioned above – and will list below, I know they aren’t “main stream” but I do have personal experience in them and can say that they INDEED WORK! The more friends you bring along on your daily hikes, the quicker you will clear that path so you don’t have to watch every step you take.

The Friends:

Vision board
positive affirmations
EFT (tapping or energy freedom technique)
RET (rapid eye technology)

NOW GO CUT A PATH!!!  And just recognize, when you trip on a tree root or rock and you stumble and fall – your path isn’t quite clear enough to really take your eyes off for any length of time.  Get up, brush yourself off, and get moving again – with your eyes fixed on the path.

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1 Response to Why do we lose our motivation, stir, direction and willingness to exercise?

  1. Debbie Parrish says:

    Thanks Carrie, I needed to read this. BACK to clearing my path!!!

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