Just Blog! Just Because

I’m blogging right now just because I haven’t done it in a while. Maybe I feel it will get me going since I’m slumping right now. This is so frustrating! I’ve been reading my notes to myself that encourage or remind, but they don’t seem to be coming from the person that I’m feeling like right now. I’m reading people’s responses, and they really help! I need to snap out of how I’m feeling! I’m really frustrated with myself for dropping off!. I haven’t been logging my food. I did half a day’s worth yesterday and then stopped. I did pretty well with staying close to my calories. How do I know though?I don’t know! I’m just guessing since I didn’t log! Ugh! I will as soon as I’m done posting this blog.

How can I be so excited about weighing in one day? and then be like I am today? I hope people saw Carrie’s response from the last post! I love her pictures of the trail. I guess I’m having to go over my trail over and over, which is a good thing. Check out what she has to say. It’s very accurate and inspiring! I just read it again and it made me feel better. My goal for today is to keep the picture of the trail in my mind.

The good thing is that I’m committed to exercising. That is still happening. I’m grateful to have Carrie, so I don’t make excuses. I want to though. Mostly I just want to rest. So in writing this I’m deciding to get off my butt and go do something productive. Oh! I know what I’m going to do! I’m dumping some of the goodies that are around here!

Something else I struggling with is trying to get my kids on healthy eating. I know I need to be an example but I’m not doing well myself. I’m open to any suggestions. My son doesn’t like veggies etc. I need to have snacks around that he’ll like and eat. Me too!

okay I’m off. There wasn’t any real purpose for this blog except to keep doing it and not stop! I’m off to Log and to purge the kitchen of junk!


About bekfisher

I Grew up in Issaquah, WA. Mother of 6...Alex, Blake, Carlie, Darbie, Evie, and Garrett. Grandma to Ella and happily married to Paul for 24 years! I love reading, teaching, oceans, dolphins, nature, movies with the family, and my church
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