Humbling Transitions

Wow –

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted anything.  This past month my life has been turned upside down and inside out and I feel like I’m just barely able to take a breath!  I wanted to share one of my most recent experiences, just to get it out I guess.  Recently, I was faced with the very sad reality that it was time to shut the studio doors.  This has been very difficult for many reasons.  For 6 years I’ve been  blessed to have my own fitness studio and have trained many friends over this time period.  I know I have been very fortunate to keep those doors open, despite all the life challenges of getting married, blending families and a bad economy, that I faced simultaneously.  The majority of the time, I was hanging in there by my fingernails – but hanging in there, nonetheless.   When you put so many years of love, hard work, dedication, time, sweat and tears to build something you are hoping will one day become the next greatest health and fitness center – you can’t help but be seriously attached and love what you have created with all your heart.  It truly becomes a part of you.

For several reasons, I came to the harsh reality and conclusion, that it was necessary for me to close my doors – what I did not expect, were the feelings that accompanied it.  I knew I’d be sad – I cried for a week!  I knew I’d feel some financial relief (for a time anyway) – but I did not realize and was not prepared for feeling like such a failure!!!  Talk about humbling!  Let me tell you – it REALLY got me to evaluate my level of “pride.”  It was tough.

Looking back – I know I’m not a failure, consciously I can say – “I’m not a failure” but man, closing those doors – I felt like one.  So – like I always do with everything else in life, I look at my situation and just continue to move forward with determination.  What I lack in business sense, I make up for in resilience, that is for sure!  Reviewing the last 6 years and what has taken place with my former husband, my teenage kids, my marriage, blending of the families and then finally the downturn of the economy – it’s amazing I’m as sane as I am, that I haven’t been committed to the funny farm!  And THAT, my friend, is SUCCESS!!!!

I will keep that in mind as I move forward with new direction.  I am now training in my clients homes as well as out of Studio Nine in Woodinville (great group of people down there).

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2 Responses to Humbling Transitions

  1. Mandy says:

    Carrie, I had no idea! I have just arrived back in town from Colorado. I will be here for summer and was planning to come train with you. As always, you sound positive, healthy, and resilient. I am so sad to hear you closed your doors, but am sure that many more will open to you. You have made such a huge impact on my life. Lots of love and best wishes, Mandy Thomas

    • carriepartna says:

      Mandy – thank you for letting me know the impact I’ve had – those are the things I want to remember. How lucky I’ve been to develop life-long relationships like ours for a living! I definitely want to see you and if you can train with us, that would be even better! If you can train around 9:30ish – you are welcome to join up with a group! We are still working on getting it back together. But you could pay just per session! Michelle is still there – she’d love to see you!

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