I’m not impressed when someone tells me they lost 20 lbs!

WHO CARES!!!  Lol – okay, really though, for my clients that know me – you know I’m a softie with a big heart and will congratulate anyone that is sharing with me, their current weight loss success.  But – I’m sure you also know exactly what is going on in my mind!!  I want to know if that 20 lbs that just came off is water, muscle or fat!!  If it was just a bunch of water and muscle – I’m not impressed and would likely want to sit down and have a friendly discussion and share with you how to take the next 20 lbs off – but making sure it’s all fat this time!

This is why I love the InBody 230!  About a year ago – I switched my method of analyzing my clients body composition.  I used to use calipers – which would give me their fat mass and lean body mass but we were missing the water component.  Our bodies total volume of water can fluctuate quite a bit depending on what time of the month it is, if we went out to eat the night before, are taking in a lot of caffeine or even working out on a regular basis.  I can’t tell you how many times I’d have a client come back from a weekend of fun – weighing a few pounds heavier and they automatically are sent into panic mode and assume they gained 3 lbs of fat.  If that were the case, they would have had to eaten an extra 10,500 calories over their maintenance!  There is just no way!  But no matter how I would try to console them – they would stress.  So – I bought this new machine.  And it’s been fantastic!  Now – I can SHOW them their increase of water!  But it’s more than that – what I love about assessing people’s composition on this machine is that as a Trainer, I’m able to view the results and know if my client needs to increase or decrease their calories.  I can see if the weight change is water, fat or muscle related.  Let’s face it – we aren’t always good about tracking our calories.  And from my experience – many times, clients have a tendency to overestimate the calories in the food they take in.  More often than not – if I have a client that is not tracking their calories, I’ll see a decrease in their lean muscle because they are adding things up in their heads as they go – but always overestimate (just to be on the safe side) sound familiar?

So – when you weigh yourself, the scale doesn’t tell the whole story, but it’s the only way you might have to measure your progress.  But how do you know it isn’t water or muscle?  If you lost the first 10 lbs rather quickly and then in order to make any more progress, you had to pull your calories back and pick up the exercise – only to inch your way to another 5 lbs off – then it’s very likely you had lost a bunch of water and now muscle.  It is SO engrained in us – that when the scale doesn’t go down, it must mean we are eating too much or not exercising enough, so our knee jerk reaction is to cut calories more and exercise more!  This is not always the case!!  I will say – it has been my experience, having assessed people’s metabolism for 4 years, that 8 out of 10 people are in starvation mode and DO NOT need to decrease their calories or exercise more.  They actually need to eat MORE.  And the beauty of all of this – is that the InBody tells me exactly what you are doing – eating too much, not eating enough – whatever the case.

I will take my clients data from the InBody and put it into personal charts and graphs so they can see very clearly by the line charting their progress, that the large spike in the fat mass happened not because they ate too many calories, but because they didn’t take in enough and they will know this because they will also see that their lean muscle tissue took a nosedive at the same time.  This is always reaffirming to them – as eating more calories to lose weight goes completely against all they were taught and is seems so very counter intuitive.

So – you might think, well yeah – that’s all fine and dandy if you can afford a personal trainer with an InBody 230!  Well – guess what, you are lucky that my primary motive in life – in everything I do, is about results.  Because of this – I will always try to find solutions to problems.  One solution I came up with was that you can purchase a 5 pk of InBody composition analysis sessions (no consults) for only 125.00.  You do not have to be a training client for this and you can use them however you’d like.  Basically it’ll only cost 25.00 a month if you came in to use it once a month!  So – that way, you can see what your body is doing.  You could also use it more often of course – once a week or twice a month?  The more data we collect – the better feedback I can give you.  If you are tracking your calories – I can add that information to your charts and graphs so you can see exactly what your body did, netting what you were all week-long.  Hmmm – makes sense to me!!  Have you ever had the experience where you had GREAT success one week or over a two-week period, but you didn’t pay attention to WHAT you did, so you try to repeat it but CAN’T??  I hate that – but if you are tracking all this, then you know exactly what to do, to experience that same success.  Or – on the flip side, if you have a week where your lean muscle took that nosedive and your fat mass skyrocketed – if you were tracking your calories, then you’ll know exactly what NOT to do again!  I actually just had that experience with a client recently.  No names of course – but it had been quite sometime since I had seen them.  They were not comfortable eating the amount that the New Leaf assessment indicated they needed to eat (because it was so high) so with my consent, they decided to net about 300 calories less than they should have.  When we did the InBody again, 2 1/2 weeks later, these were their results:

Total body water – down 1.7 lbs (not good)

Dry Lean Mass (proteins and minerals) – down .6 (not good)

Body Fat Mass – up 1.2 lbs (not good)

Lean body mass – down 2.3 lbs (not good)

Body fat percentage – up .8% (not good)

Total body weight – down 1.1 lbs…..  good??  I don’t know, after all I shared with you, you tell me!?

Hopefully, you have a better idea as to why I value tracking ones composition on the InBody on a regular basis.  It keeps us on track and away from that slippery slope of slowly gaining weight or losing lean muscle tissue.  It provides us with valuable information and allows us to maximize our efforts spent on working towards our goals and keeps us excited and motivated.

Now – email me for an appointment, let’s get your starting statistics and start tracking your results on the InBody regularly!

Email:  fitbydesignpts@mac.com




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