HCG – does it really recalibrate your metabolism?

Admittedly – I don’t completely understand all the claims the HCG program makes. What I am told, if I’m understanding this correctly, is that it’s supposed to recalibrate your hypothalamus and help your metabolism. I’m really curious if this is true – cause in my mind, this just doesn’t add up. I’ve been assessing metabolism for 4 years. I’ve assessed 3 people’s metabolism that’s used HCG. Two of the three came back with RMR’s that are quite low – very, very low. However, I also believe outside their HCG use, they were typically in starvation mode on a day to day basis which would also result in a low RMR reading. One person – I need to review their assessment – but from what I recall, there wasn’t much change. However, the second assessment we did, the person wasn’t as “rested” as they were the first time around, so it’s hard to say.

So, I will be assessing another person next week that has been using HCG. From their description of experience, it sounds like their trainer unknowingly had them in starvation mode – not sure of the length of time there, but prior to that – sounds like they were fine, no starving. I’ve done 2 composition analysis on them, while on HCG about a week and a half apart and there was no loss of skeletal muscle mass – which TRULY surprised me!! I’m extremely curious to see the results of their metabolic assessment!!!!

Stay tuned!!

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