Why do we lose our motivation, stir, direction and willingness to exercise?

In response to Becky’s blog, asking if the “honeymoon” was over, I started browsing the internet looking for what I could find on motivation and exercise. I noticed there seems to be plenty advise on what to do to find that motivation again, but I didn’t see anything that defined why we lose this drive and stir to exercise and keep our bodies in shape. This kind of stuff drives me crazy!!! It’s like popping pain pills to cover up a nuisance pain, rather than correcting the problem that creates the pain in the first place. People – do you really enjoy the experience THAT much?? Continue reading

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Is the Honeymoon Over?

I’m realizing I’ve gotten to a point where I’m feeling like maybe the “honeymoon is over” Continue reading

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New Leaf Metabolic Assessment

What a fantastic way to start off the year!  Come and get your metabolism assessed today!  Here is a quick video – watch and see how having your metabolism assessed can help you reach your goals!


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Quick side note – check comments!

Hey guys –

I’m not sure what is the best way to display my comments or responses to Becky’s posts.  I’ve left several comments on her posts here, but know that they are getting missed, so – If you want to see how I’ve responded to her posts, her thoughts – I’ve been commenting directly from her posts.  Both of us would love to hear your thoughts and comments as well – the more the merrier!

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I love Fridays! I love knowing that we can sleep in on the weekends, especially 3 day weekends like this one. The kids will be home with no school schedule. I love singing the song, “Friday is my Favorite Day” to the kids at home, and seminary. They don’t love it when I sing it though! Another thing about Fridays that I actually like, is weighing in. I like weighing in now. I used to hate it! Its funny how a scale can look so ugly when you’re gaining weight, and look so good when you’re losing! Continue reading

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Log log log log log log!!!

I KNOW it’s a pain in the rear – I deal with the same ups and downs that everyone else does.  I’ll be real good for a couple of weeks and then I’ll forget or get busy, have a couple of bad logging days (weeks or months) – and then get back on.  I know that we can come up with dozens of reasons why we don’t like doing it and simply just don’t want to do it – or even give it a weak effort and log every now and then or just mentally keep track.  But studies show – logging your food and exercise WORKS.  The people who log their food and exercise have the most success – this is SO TRUE! Continue reading

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Super Heroes

It’s a weigh in day! A day to weigh in on my weight on the scale, my attitude, fat loss and muscle gain. How did I do? Well I’m 4 pounds down on the scale! Start was 184.5 and now 180.5.  My lean muscle mass has increased! and my fat has decreased! so my first response was, “I’ll take it.” I’m happy with the results. I wasn’t ecstatic but I’m going in the right direction.

It works, as long as we do! Monitoring ourselves is proven to work.

While I was driving home, I was evaluating myself. I came up with something that I think is interesting…

Super heroes save people in danger! I like Superman!

I felt like I was plummeting when I started this process. In this one aspect of my life, I picture an out of control locomotive going off the tracks! What I feel best about today, is that the locomotive has been stopped from going any further into danger. I am no longer plummeting but have stopped, and started to go into a different direction that isn’t over the edge. It may be a long journey to get back to a healthy weight and thought process, but I have turned around and will be in a safe place.

Sometimes we need to be a hero to ourselves, and stop the behavior that is causing us to plummet, or is spiraling out of control. It may be weight issues, negative self talk, or the many other things out there that may threaten our happiness, or put us in danger emotionally or physically. Often we need several heroes to help us, and they’re out there, but we can be our own hero too! So picture in your mind whatever it is that may be detrimental to you, and go to the rescue! Be brave! Be a hero!

I’m no Wonder Woman but I can be strong too, and be brave enough to look for my locomotives and put things on the right track!

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