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update on earlier blog

update…after blogging I wanted to watch a British tv show that I’m hooked on. its on You tube . Carrie has been talking about making things interesting and fun. So I logged, like I said I would, dumped the oreos … Continue reading

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Just Blog! Just Because

I’m blogging right now just because I haven’t done it in a while. Maybe I feel it will get me going since I’m slumping right now. This is so frustrating! I’ve been reading my notes to myself that encourage or … Continue reading

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How your energy type can work for or against you in your health program

Hey Kathy – this one is for you!  : )  I LOVE what I do!  Today – I met with Kathy who received a complimentary metabolic assessment from my friend Melaine’s blog, My Sweet Savannah.  I had so much fun with … Continue reading

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